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You can now submit runs to the 602 and 1862 leaderboards under the TA filter if you took breaks for sleep and paused the timer! Rules will be more in depth on the category pages on the leaderboard.

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With this game we finally get a new Mainline Mario game after SMO (and a 6 year wait)! This will do the following things:

The current Console Series Any% run will turn into pre-SMBW, stay on the leaderboards until new runs with the new game sufficiently replaced that, then it will be moved to the archives just like the pre-SMO version.

The current Mainline Series 100% run will also gain the "pre-SMBW" title, also needs a new run to be officially locked down and moved to the archives.

Locking down the previous categories is not meant to lock down on competition, just fixing what would be a bit silly to focus on. Just like when SMO was added, if you already do that run adding that one more game is not hurting you and it makes much more sense this way. It's also better to help preserve what people have achieved until then without it getting lost through new achievements. Unlike categories like say 982 or 370 they don't really have that kind of historic reasoning to continue existing as we already need to alter their names for them to make sense.

If you don't agree with this, hop on our Discord server and discuss it there, we got 4 more months until these changes will happen so plenty of time to talk about it.

  • Blood
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For the introduction of IGT on our leaderboards we started retiming all solo Multi Mario runs, which is now finally completed! A bunch of RTA times have been adjusted based on video proof, if you have issues with an adjustment on your run, get in touch!

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If you are not around on the Discord, then you have missed a bigger change for the leaderboards!

Out of a discussion that started as how much we can open up the categories without losing the challenge that comes with RTA, this idea of In-game time as additional info sprung up and became the most popular option!

We are also open to verify times that are only PBs for In-game time, but only to some extend. We may not verify times with very slow RTA times.

Right now all runs are being retimed on both Real and In-game time, so if your Real time changes, that is the reason. This is only for solo runs, relay runs stay pure RTA timing.

I can always recommend joining the discord:

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A little late to post considering we've opened signups almost 2 days ago, but here we are!

With @oknem we're doing 2 races as already announced, the dates being

Race 1: April 23rd @ 9AM EDT Race 2: April 30th @ 9AM AEST

also as announced not too long ago. Make sure to sign up!

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After a vote on our community discord, the 602 Race this summer has been rescheduled to July 16th to avoid any potential clashes with the recently announced SGDQ date!

Make sure to check if you can still take part on this new date!

Link to the sheet:

Also as another note, there is a Mainline Mario Relay that would have been on that day, but it got pushed back by a week. All infos can be found here on their Discord:

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Hey everyone!

With the help of @oknem we can have 2 races per event again, with oknem taking over the org duties for an extra race starting at 9AM Australian Eastern Time! For the upcoming Sandbox Any% Races in April this means we got these confirmed dates:

April 23rd @ 9AM EDT April 30th @ 9AM AEST

DST is specifically mentioned in the timezone and will always be taken as the standard.

The new standard will look like this for 246 and Sandbox Any%, the last 2 Saturdays of the month being occupied by those 2 races with those starting times.

Have fun racing! - Blood

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The date is now confirmed at set at June 25th!

Sign-ups are now open!

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The voting form for the next 602 Race is now open! Please fill it out if you have even the slightest interest in joining! The day will be decided on Saturday March 12.

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It's time to vote on which day we'll hold the Sandbox Any% Race in April! This time we have 3 days to vote on, which are:

April 16th April 23rd April 30th

If you intend to take part, make sure to select the days you are available on to have a higher chance of taking part!

For all info around the race, check out the race sheet: Like the 246 I had to cut down on races per event because of personal limitations, but I still hope you'll enjoy this one in April!

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We've got a lot going on next month, so make sure to check it all out!

#3D Mario Madness Invitational @oknem is proudly hosting the 3D Mario Madness Invitational, starting March 1st! This tournament will showcase the Multi-Mario talents of 16 top runners from the community, with a $1400 prize pool up for grabs. For more info, check out the announcement video here: All matches will be restreamed on If you're interested in who's playing who, join our Discord!

#March 540 Race 2022 The 540 Race is back for a 2nd time, hosted by @Tackleshift8 and @NinShado! All you need to know can be found here: Head over to our Multiple Mario Games Discord if you have any questions to the organisers!

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Signups for the 246 Race in February are now open! The majority chose the 19th as our day so it is going to happen that weekend! For everything you need to know about the race and signing up to it, head over to the sheet!

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Hey everyone, after the last big update there was a bit of a mess and I'm sorry for it, things just went wrong. To fix it, we held a vote on a few major things. These things include how Relay categories are managed in our leaderboards, finally a consistent naming system for Sandbox/1120, 982 and its Any% counterpart, what we do with NSMB Series and if having Misc. on the main boards is even a good idea. The results are in and the changes are complete, so what did change on this leaderboard?

#Merging relay categories The times of Solo and Relay categories being their own is over. Now runs that have had enough relay runs (3 different teams, just like any category that wants to make it out of the archives sheet), will get Solo/Relay variables that allow for both types of runs to be stored under one category with split leaderboards. For this board it means 1862, 540 and Sandbox Any% now have these variables since they had Relay versions. With that Sandbox Any% Relay got moved up from CE while we were able to take up less space in the category list with the merge of the 1862 and 540 categories.

#New naming standard! We finally decided to make Sandbox Any% and what was formerly known as the 1120 more identifyable as similar runs, by renaming the 1120 to Sandbox Mario 100%! If you say this name is incorrect because SMO is only All Moons, well then I have to say Sandbox Mario Any% could also be incorrect since we restrict SM64 to 70 Star, which is by far not the fastest way to complete the game and we require that percent of completion, therefore contradicting "Any%".

#NSMB Series is back! Well I have to say we messed up on that one. Turns out a lot of you that didn't take part in the discussions that led to its removal from the main board, want it to be on this board. And we will listen to the majority. So now this category is back on here and will stay a core part of our community, even if it didn't get many runs for a while (which it should, sure it has Handheld games in it and it is 5 NSMB games back to back but I personally found the run short and fun and I think more of the NSMB community should give this one a try. I may not plan to run it anymore but I would still enjoy it if I did so).

#No more Misc.! This was a very tight vote, but not having any runs in Misc. won out in the end by 1 vote! I did order the categories after their importance to the community so you'll still find the usual suspects first in the list (ordered after 100%, then Any% version). But now it ends with Console, then Handheld, then NSMB Series with none of these runs thrown into Misc. for easier viewing.

#Your input is important! This whole thing can't exist without you, so we need your input on how things should be. Sure me and the other mods may have our own ideas of what Multi Mario is supposed to be but we'd just commit even more mistakes than I just did this month if it wasn't for your input. So if you read this and have somehow not yet joined our Discord, please do so! We have a #suggestions channel in which we can discuss these things to continue improving everything to make it as pleasing and welcoming as possible while still staying true to the main idea/identity of Multi Mario.

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You can find the CE board by clicking on the Leaderboards tab and then Category Extensions, or just simply click on this link:

Happy speedrunning! -Blood

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Hey everyone, there are a few news things to catch up on. 2022 is off to a busy start, thoughts, ideas and discussions all added up to this bulk of an update! All news listed in chronological order. Hope everyone has an amazing 2022! - Blood

#540 Race in March Last week people got together and started to organise a 540 Race that is set to happen in March! Here you can get to the sheet:

#246 Race next month That also means I will take back an experiment for the upcoming 246 Race next month, only having it happen in one of the last 2 weeks of February instead of it having the chance to happen in the first 2 weeks of March. The vote on the race day is still open, so get in to vote! (It will close on Feb 1st to make way for me to open sign-ups for the race!)

#602 Rules This week started with a change to the 602 Leaderboard rules and Race rules that removed the limit set on taking breaks! Before that, you only had one break that is up to 10 hours long, any other break being limited to a max length of 1 hour. Now these breaks are entirely unlimited, but obviously there is still a punishment of losing time in the RTA run like with the old rules. Also the race length is still limited to 60 hours.

#Moving categories around And now to the biggest of the changes. NSMB Series, 370 and 982 are all moved to the category extensions now! We had a bit of a discussion round and overall we felt like this is the best move to make since these categories are not really relevant enough. Also since the 3D categories are that much more popular, Console Series joins Handheld Series in Misc.! And the order was slightly changed to look nicer (imo). Click here to get to the CE board!

#Rules clarification For a final change I made a clarification in the game rules. It now says that all runs are timed RTA!

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Signups for the October Sandbox Races 2021 have been open for a while with Race 1 about to happen very soon. But this News tab is now a new thing so let's make some use of it! To sign up to any of the races, check out this sheet:

If you have any issues with Discord, feel free to DM me here or post a comment below!

Signups for Race 1 are closed!

Signups for Race 2 are closed!

Signups for Race 3 are closed!

Thanks to all who took part in this!

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You can now submit runs to the 602 and 1862 leaderboards under the TA filter if you took breaks for sleep and paused the timer! Rules will be more in depth on the category pages on the leaderboard.

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