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Here's to a Donkey Kong run that I can rest on for a while!

The early stages of this run were honestly not great- the Mario match was slightly faster than my average 5-inning fielding-focused games, but this was largely because my batting goals were nearly all duds, DK Kong Home Run excepted. Then the Yoshi match had a 2nd try Diddy strike out Baby Mario that mandated an underwhelming 5-inning game redeemed only by the DK 2 Home Runs I managed to belt.

And then it all turned around. The Toads blessed my Wall Ball, meaning I only had to play it once- and I nailed the victory by dodging an ominous first-wall. The Peach, while 2 innings, was pretty quick and accomplished a few necessary goals. Wario's match was a slaughter and locked in 2 of my then-remaining 4 goals, leaving only Goomba 2 Steals and Koopa 3 Hits going into Bowser.

Taking goals into Bowser, other than the ones you are required to, is for chumps. I was a double chump on the best pace I've ever had for a DK run by FAR. Could I clutch things out and get the two Goomba steals and three Koopa hits in an otherwise fast Bowser match?

You bet I goddamn did. And it could have been a first-inning Mercy if I hadn't let my nerves goof up an awkward baserunning situation. Still, this was a solid Bowser and I'm far from upset about it. This run can be beaten, but whoever beats it will have to get lucky AND play very very well.

I return to the Wario Greats next...

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1Vs. Mario (XMario, Fielding)12m 04s 669ms12m 04s 669ms
2Vs. Yoshi (Kong Ks)12m 12s 719ms24m 17s 388ms
3Goomba Wall Ball (Hard)2m 18s 399ms26m 35s 787ms
4Vs. Peach (Diddy MVP)7m 48s 416ms34m 24s 203ms
5Vs. Wario6m 12s 611ms40m 36s 814ms
6Vs. Bowser
7m 30s 128ms48m 06s 942ms