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Hi guys, it's been a while since I really took a look at this game. It's cool to see so much growth and optimization in a game I randomly decided to speedrun one day back in 2012 lol. But I'm here on a mission,

I wanna make the leaderboards cleaner better understanding work on guides clean up the forums attend issues that need to be attended to

Whatever ideas, thoughts, concerns, anything you guys have I will address and we will work towards a product that we all can enjoy and grow with as a community. I don't think there's any kind of discord for Mario Sports or Baseball Series, but anyone is willing to respond to this post, message me on this site or any social media site/my streams, and you can join my personal discord if you want to get ahold of me or other MSB runners!

Again thank you all for showing appreciation to a game I love so much, and let the new era begin.

This is great. While I’m on a hiatus from streaming, I’d like to help you revamp this. I can help with a guide as well. I’d also like to raise a concern, I do think emulators should be reconsidered and put in their own category. Because in my experience, I’ve done runs where I played a video of a emulator run and they were getting through cutscenes before I finished mine and it’s a second or two for sure. To me that should be looked at. This isn’t the first time this has been brought up so I think it’s good to address it now.

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For sure, If there is any way to have a video comparison of Emulator loads vs. Console loads that would be the best way to test load times. You have to take into consideration that Gamecube would load slower than Wii/Emu and people can play on Emu even if they are on a Wii (USB Loader, Homebrew etc.) sometimes those load times won't be affected, but its good to check. I don't think however making them separate leaderboards is the right way to go. Right now it states whether or not someone plays on Emu or not, and I added the option to pick Wii cause idk why that wasn't an option lol. Anyway, we have Emulator runs to automatically show them as default, we can make emulators hidden (especially with evidence of Emu having faster loads) and for those that run on emu, or want to see emulator times can toggle to show Emulator runs. I don't want to diminish the work people have done just because they are on Emulator, but if it is faster it needs to be attended to.

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I have finished moving over all of the runs, I condensed everything to subcategories and added categories/edited "All Star Missions", I changed the name to Superstar% and not only does it include "All Superstars" but separate categories for Getting Superstar on everyone's particular team. I also added Bowser% with Any% and All Characters because Bowser is basically a different kind of run cause you have to do an extra fight. I want to add an "All Mini-Games" and "Toy Field" esk categories, but if you guys have any issues with runs or ideas on categories or what not, I will leave this thread open for discussion on anything regarding the future of this game!

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Since the other thread got locked I just wanted to say let's f'ing go Mason

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Well, might be time to come back then, huh? (mostly joking)

Thanks for doing all that RDA! Gl to you guys on the new categories, and well done to Mason for putting in the effort on that Superstar run!!

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Holy, I can't believe someone actually did a full star run, that's crazy. Congrats to Mason. We should make a Mario Baseball discord to discuss strats. I'd love to attempt a full star run, but honestly it's hard to even know were to begin. I'll have to sit through that vod in pieces and take some strat notes, but it would be nice to discuss things more easily.

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If there is enough people that want a discord/will also upkeep with it, I can help make it and such. Like this particular comment if you would be down for a discord lol

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Hey everyone! We'll see if I actually have time to do a full run (LOL) but I'm currently training offline grinding out Toadette Note Blocks and Mario Perfect Games in the hope of one day beating Mason's very impressive All Superstars run.

I've also been working on a new route- Wario (on Star difficulty) mercy-ruling Peach is the first item in the run (and the run is reset if it is missed), followed by some minigames for money, Toadette Note Block via the Bowser Jr. setup (you get approximately one attempt per minute!!!), Wario, Waluigi, and maybe Petey's Mario and Luigi missions while recruiting Mario, Mario Perfect Game against Yoshi, and then after a quick DK fight attempting Peach Shutout Bowser/King Boo MVP in the same game.

My route is set up for the best case scenario of getting both of Peach and King Boo's missions and plans on finishing the run in four playthroughs, but if only one or the other is achieved in the first playthrough the expected fifth playthrough as either Peach or Wario is slotted in near the end. Every annoying mission except for Diddy Clamber can be punted to that extra playthrough, too, if needed.

Also, in my route, Bowser is done last, because you can knock out sub-captain missions while pursuing "Hero" Captain missions on playthroughs 1-3 (and 4 if needed) but you obviously cannot do "Hero" Captain missions as Bowser. Saving Bowser for last loses no time compared to doing him earlier and saves time by hopefully giving Bowser less to do (plus, I'm pretty sure that time can be called upon seeing Bowser Jr. MVP in last game, so you don't need to have the timer running while watching the credits a /third/ time :P )

Overall I hope to save time by putting two of the most hellish challenges in the first 2?????? hours of the run, so that a truly miserable run can be abandoned sooner rather than later; the Peach/King Boo final game attempt is also put as early as possible after Wario 900 Coins, Mario Perfect Game, and Toadette Note Block can be achieved for the same reason. I also think it'll be nice to go into the Peach/Special Difficulty playthrough knowing that some of the worst parts of the run are already taken care of.

P.S. Holy sh*t is it not fun to practice Toadette's Note Block mission. I'm getting better at it, but I watch that clip of Mason getting it first try and shake my fist in jealousy...

I'll post a link to my route when I've finished touching up the spreadsheet that it's in!

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...y'all, I just had a realization about All Superstars that makes me feel like a total goofball...

You can retry Peach Shutout Bowser during the two required Special-difficulty non-Bowser playthroughs. You'd be doing more difficult MVP manipulation but it absolutely could work.

During the mandatory Peach Special playthrough you can do this at no time cost, and you only incur a time cost if you don't recruit Peach in the natural course of your other Hero Special playthrough (if that one isn't also played as Peach)...

So you ACTUALLY have three chances to skip a fifth playthrough in this category, not just the one. This also makes King Boo MVP in Last Game significantly more important to get in the Wario Star playthrough regardless of whether Peach Shutout Bowser is earned or not.


Also! Here's the first public release of my route! It has maps, notes, tips, explanations of my routing methodology, and comes equipped with two checklists that you can copy and use for yourself- one that has colored squares indicating my own route, and one with white backgrounds, so you can customize it yourself.

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If you’re still open to ideas, I’d like a win a game category. Win as fast as possible.

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I just added the category with some subcategories! I will add on things if needed/requested! Also added 99 Runs as a category!

could we have stadium requirements and stars on vs stars off clarified for the smaller categories like 99 runs, win, etc.? It doesn't specify, but it would be helpful to have explicit confirmation or deconfirmation :)

also, some of the runs say "upon the final out." does this mean you can only bat away team? or if you can be home team, when do you could it as completed on a walkoff win, when the score is displayed or some other time?

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