Metroid Prime 2 Echoes trilogy version hypermode 22% glitchless run
6 years ago

A speedrun of beating echoes wii on hypermode with only 22% of items without using glitches. 99hp 10 missiles 50 beam ammo and 2 power bombs on the hardest difficulty.

Bavaria, Germany

I'm pretty sure Echoes wii would be placed on the triology boards which has a 19% category with no entry so far . If you want to request a category to be on the leader boards then please do a run of it first. There's no reason to have empty leaderboards.

I have the a picture of the time on the last save and when the game was beaten is that good enough?

You can see proof on my YouTube channel Enigmatic Man, the latest video is where you'll see my best time so far.

New York, USA

Honestly the 19% category should be removed because it is empty, but also because that's the lowest possible % anyways. We never fully tested to see what low% is now with ils, although low% is really really dumb now...

That's why I think running this is better also it's a challenge

The reason I wanted this 22% glitchless hypermode run to be here is because I wanted to see if people can do it fast, I mean it's difficult normally and I wanted to see if someone can beat my time of 4:31 which is on my YouTube channel Enigmatic Man the latest video. Also since it's the hardest difficulty I found some cool strategies that actually speed up some bosses and fights in areas that usually take longer on hypermode. It's an interesting and challenging run if you ask me and I'd love to see people running it in streams.


I've done a Glitchless runs in the NGC version. any idea of when you guys gonna make a leaderboard for it?