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Hey guys and gals,

I'm gonna do the French commentary for the AGDQ restream of this game, and I'd like to know : how do you beat Adult Chykka so quickly ? I couldn't find an explanation on the Internet, I hope you can enlighten me. ^^ Thanks in advance


Earlier in the run, you set up a glitch of sorts in Sanctuary with a cannon. It allows you to keep the properties of being in a cannon (being completely invincible and doing a ton of damage) whenever you're in morph ball mode. Most bosses aren't vulnerable to that morph ball damage, but Adult Chykka is for some reason. There's more to it, but someone else can probably explain better than me.

This glitch is also part of what makes 6% possible in the first place: it allows you to the Quadraxis skip without grabbing dark suit or extra e-tanks.

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The reason why Cannon Ball works is as follows:

After getting Screw Attack, you go out of bounds and Wallcrawl to Worker's Path. You activate the cannon, then head back up and transition the room back to Sanctuary Temple. Since the room is on the wrong map, you can unload Worker's Path by touching a load trigger. So when you use the cannon in this state, it will fire, and the room will unload around you. Since it unloaded, you can unmorph out of the cannon state and keep all of the properties of the cannon, which means you do 500,000 damage per frame (the important part) and you are immune to everything as Morph Ball.

Chykka Adult (only the light form) regenerates health 1 frame after you damage it, and Cannon Ball does enough (way more than enough) to kill it. Cannon Ball does 500,000 damage per frame, so if Chykka had 500,001 health, it would not work. Additionally, as far as I'm aware, Chykka Adult (light) is the only boss that is not immune to Cannon Ball.

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Wrong. it's not a load trigger. it's a prox load. what are you, daft?