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Hello all, I'm new to speedrunning and have been practicing specifically on Metroid Prime. Once I improve some of my skills, I'd love to submit a run. Currently I do not have any fancy screen capturing cards for my Gamecube. My question is if there are specific rules on how you can record your run. For the time being the only option I can think of is using a camera to record my screen (A tad bit noobish, I know) and I'm wondering if using a camera to record your screen is allowed?

Can I do this? If not, what would the best alternative be? I'd appreciate any insight or ideas.

Thanks guys!


Glad to see more people getting involved in the community.

Unless your times are super spectacular, nobody is going to proofcall you. I'd probably continue verifying your runs without video proof down to the 1:10-ish level. You can already see some runs in that range that don't have videos.

I definitely think that streaming would be advantageous though; mainly because it makes it easier for you to get help from other experienced players.


Thanks for the quick reply!

Okay, that's good to know. For photo proof would I just need to take a picture of the end time? And would a website like imgur be okay?

As for video proof, if I were to make it to that level eventually, what would be your advice for a good recording device? I've checked out a few, but would love to get some expert advice. I'd prefer not to have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one, but as I am really getting into speedrunning I'm willing to invest in it.

And I think streaming idea is fantastic, once I get a capturing device, I would love to start streaming!


Usually a dazzle or easyCap are recommended.
They are not really expensive and they do their purpose for recording with acceptable quality imo.
Also don't forget to get the right splitters and cables.
However I'm not an expert, so maybe someone else knows better.


The cheapest entry level options are a Dazzle-DVC 100 and the EZCap (note the spelling) 116. The Dazzle tends to be better for American systems from my experience, and it has SVideo so you can capture in a nice quality (second only to component, but that requires a large investment to capture). One of those 2 would be absolutely fine for starting out, and you don't need to break the bank to get them.
From what I recall the EZCap has a model called the EZGamer that comes with the required cables, but you will need to purchase them for the dazzle. You would need a splitter (so you can have the signal go to your TV and to your capture device), and then cables to fill in the gaps, but all of these tend to be very cheap.


I've done some looking into the Dazzle-DVC and it looks great (And a much better price than other capture devices I have been looking at). One question about the splitter though. When I look for the gamecube audio/video cable splitter, the only results I can find are 6 female 3 male cables. I'm assuming since I need output to both the capture device and the TV that I need a 3 female 6 male cable instead? I've tried searching on Amazon for this type of cable, but I only get the 6 female 3 male cables. Am I missing something, or just looking in the wrong place? Thanks for the help guys!


All you really need are an extra set of double ended Male to male RCA cables (Which come with any DVD player, DVD recorder, VHS players etc. or you can purchase them online for really cheap) and some Y female to male splitters. (Make sure that it's 2 female 1 male) You plug the splitters into your TV and then the console cables into one of the female ends and the RCA cables into the other end and that should work. It's how I've currently got my recording set-up and it's worked perfectly so far. (There is some minor darkening of my TV screen when I do this, but that won't affect the video footage and you can turn the brightness up on your TV anyway)


Didn't even think of that, thank you


If you guys need any help streaming gamecube games, (like metroid)

Look up 'streaming melee' because the melee scene has really fleshed out all the options.

Many choose to use wii components and an elgato for highest quality, or dazzle DVC101 (or 100, as mentioned)

Dazzles are finicky. You can get audio out of it with OBS, if you need any help you can ask.


@Skull64 do you have a component CRT or do you use a digital tv?