Glitchless No Major Skips Category?
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Glitchless No Major Skips Category?
California, USA

Hello everyone,

If there are no Glitchless runs with no Major Skips, then I believe I have a world record. I would like the category to come into existence because it's a fun run and should get more recognition.

Here's the run:

When I say no Major Skips, I'm referring to refraining from getting the artifact in Phendrana before Plasma Beam, committing to getting Gravity Suit and going through the underwater area rather than getting the Power Bomb early, and getting Boost Ball before Space Jump. I hope you enjoy the run, there are silly mistakes but I'm happy for now. I'm not super familiar with glitches, but I dont do the super side jump on purpose, and I never go out of bounds.

Are there glitchless runs from the past that simply arent recognized as so? Where may I view them?

Thank you for reading this and I'll look forward to what people say.

New York, USA

Glitchless can be found on the category extensions leaderboards:

California, USA

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

I feel like the first place run there should be Bug Limit because of the major skips, how do you feel about that? I made a post in the category suggestion thing clarifying my stance if you're interested but yeah.

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As DCR said, the closest thing to your category is Glitchless on the extension leaderboard. The rules can be found in the description of the leaderboard. This is the current world record by Edzan

As far as your category, it is(in general) the community's opinion that we have more than one person run a category before we make a leaderboard for it. If the moderators allowed anyone to make their own category the extensions leaderboard would be filled with a bunch of people who made their own category.

If you set some very clear rules for your category and had a few other people in the community interested in running your category, I'm sure DCR would give more thought to the idea.

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United States

Sorry for replying to this thread 3 years after it became inactive, but I just wanted to say that I would be interested in a category like this. I just recently got interested in prime Speedrunning, and I own the game on my GameCube (which is barely functional) and my Wii for the trillogy version. I thought of grinding for a category like this, and I'll get back to this thread once I I complete a run. As super boss said, the rules would be that you can't use glitches, obviously, or use major skips, which are sequence breaks in the order of items or the accessibility of certain artifacts early. Since my GameCube basically Doesn't work, I could do runs on the trillogy version, and seeing as this game isn't quite dead yet, it might not be a bad idea. In that thread linked by Dyceron, super boss explained the required order of items. I thought I could expand on that, and add a couple rules myself.

First off, Super boss's category idea is called "glitchless, no major skips." Notice how It says "no major skips," not "skipless." I'll take it up on myself to say that maybe small skips could be allowed, ones that don't completely break the game into pieces. This would allow speedrunners to still have a good time running the category, and not get bored to death because they can't do miniature skips that allow some small time save. Here are examples of what I mean:

  1. You can bomb jump up to the artifact in the lava lake to get it early, rather than having to get the space jump boots first.

  2. You can get the artifact of wild before getting the x ray visor.

2.5. This jump is not a double bomb jump, allowing for leniency to the name of the category.

Both of these skips are very minor, and any person can easily pull them off. As for a skipless idea, that would not be necessary, since it would only be 5 minutes slower than no major skips. Adding a categoy like this could increase activity and popularity on the site, as it caters to newer runners. Anyway, I think this is still a cool category idea.

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