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Video proof/ USB Loader

Hello, all.

I am new to the community. I just got a 2:18 any% IGT on my GameCube, and was wondering what the current rules are on USB Loader? I have played this game since childhood and have long known about the Furnace crash. I also have a Wii with Nintendon't (broken disc drive), and am wondering what the rules are currently if I wanted to switch to avoid a crash.

Also, how are runs verified? I took a photo of my Mission Final screen, but don't know what else would be needed for a non-video run.

PS I'm just happy that I was able to learn IBJ at all lol

This is what is listed in the Full Game Leaderboard rules:

"Goal Beat the game. IGT and RTA are both required for submission.


Runs with an IGT lower than 1:10 require a video.
Any run above the video requirement must be submitted with a picture of the mission final screen.
Nintendont and Emulator are allowed for runs 1:10 and above."