Trying to figure out all factions NMG, some questions.
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Trying to figure out all factions NMG, some questions.
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Questions are. I see some people run through potions quickly, I am getting sore hands for it so I have to ask, how people do that. ( I click for each one)

Is OpenMW allowed to use as long as we keep it without any mods?

Finally, if anyone has tried it, how long did they get on this? Just want to hear other experiences.

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For getting through potions quickly, you just have to get used to it. It is a pretty mash heavy section in general I believe, but it does help if you resize windows properly so it is easier.

I don't believe OpenMW is allowed, similar to that of things such as SKSE for Skyrim not being allowed.

For your last question, I'm not sure what you mean by that, but in terms of experience by runners a lot have played morrowind casually and some have put in many hours of this game in runs.

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Hi MrBigTAnderson,

The old All Factions (glitched) route used to do the whole alchemy loop to fortify intelligence, then make speed and telekinesis potions. With the buffed intelligence, we would create then really a bunch of enchanted items: one to one shot most enemies, one to levitate, one unlock all locks, and one to frenzy NPCs to avoid a bounty for murder.

Now, it may not be reflected in the rules, but this topic of alchemy and legality for NMG came up at one point in the Elder Council Discord server (psst, you should join, link is in the Resources section) and many of us agreed that it is such a powerful exploit that it is "against the spirit" of NMG, so it should not be allowed in NMG runs. We did not conclude on how it could be explained in the rules.

To answer the question of how to mash, re-sizing anything does not help with the actual brewing of potions, but it could maybe help with the purchasing part of ingredients for the bartering window and possibly the dialogue window. Anyway, to brew quickly, I would select the ingredients, take my left hand off of the keyboard, position the cursor over "Create" or whatever it says, then hold the mouse steady with my left hand, and vibrate my RIGHT arm and use my right pointer finger to rapidly click. The Alchemy strats/setup has been changed to the Soultrap Glitch, so we no longer bother with Alchemy at all. It was a very tiring strat as you would need to create over 700 potions to get the proper skill ups and intelligence setup, which is a really really obnoxious amount.

OpenMW is not allowed for official runs - it must be the vanilla game - any version is OK, and expansions are OK to enable or disable. You can still always do runs on OpenMW and record/upload them, it just won't be accepted on here for a position on the leaderboard.

I have not tried an All Factions NMG run because I think it would be too tedious to do with the lower speed, no out of bounds, and other little tricks like "ceiling glitch" where you go in to a ceiling with levitate which puts you out of all NPC line of sight, so you can steal anything out in the open. As far as I know, no one has done an All Factions NMG run. By this, I mean a run that fully satisfies all of the requirements, and is also done in one sitting.

If you are really looking to be the first person to do this, then my advice would be to check out the All Main Quests run for inspiration on how to go fast, and then add your own style/routing for All Factions. You would need a lot more gold for training and stuff - probably in the 40-50k gold area. Additionally, the optimal quest order would probably be different, but I'd probably just start out with the glitched questing route for simplicity.

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Portland, OR, USA

As it stands, I only use alchemy to actually level up and buff stats for carry capacity. I do fortify intelligence but it is only to make speed, levitate, and healing. I haven't done the enchant route, but am I not able to fortify intelligence at all? I have used it to boost potions but I want to say from memory until level 10 (roughly) I actually use it to level up stats the fastest. I am still going to do that if they put a cover on how high the int can go, I would need to know because it is something that would impact the run. Also joined the discord