Glitchless AMQ Rule/Clarifications
6 years ago

Agree with everything you've said, but is the bounty glitch the one where you drop all your gold?


Why would you even consider diagonal running as a glitch, it's like picking redguard as a class then calling it a glitch lol

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Could we create more clarity on what difficulty is allowed? Some people may run at -100 and others at 0

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Hey guys, I've just started running Glitchless AMQ. I'm wondering about 2 things:

  1. I think the difficulty should be standardized to 0 or -100. As of now, the rules in that subcategory do not specify a standard.
  2. There is a point in Vivec Informants where you can prevent taking fall damage by colliding with the ledge. This seems like a glitch, but would Glitchless ban it? there are a lot of times when this can happen unintentionally, and i think to allow something for movement like this is acceptable, and even more interesting to watch, and saves time without anything absurd. Here is a visual ().

Thanks, and hope this gains traction. The run is quite hard in terms of optimization, and there is still a lot of potential for route changes.


I wanted to learn AMQ NMG and (like a dummy) didn't look at the leaderboard first to see if such a run exists - turns out it does and the notes I've written over the course of 3 days are null and void. Then I see this discussion from 5 years ago (monka) about a glitchless AMQ category. Doesn't look like anything came of this, 5 years later, and I've basically got half-baked glitchless AMQ notes right now. They are nowhere close to done and the route itself uses no glitches (because I don't know any); So provided the information, is there a chance of glitchless AMQ becoming a thing?


It's up to the community and yourself. If you do a run of it, it's possible a category could be created on the leaderboard

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I think there is some confusion here about what happened. There used to be a glitchless category, but really all that happened was that we decided to change those runs to be considered as NMG runs.

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