Nightmare I Optimizations
7 years ago
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Figured out how to two-cycle this fight, and got it recorded in a run.

First cycle, freeze the tail like normal. We have to put in an extra Normal Missile (called Normal) to go along with the three Super Missiles (called Super), but this is free. I like the pattern of opening this cycle with a Super (since you can charge during the cutscene), then a Normal, then two Supers to advance to cycle two. Thus, the pattern Super-Normal-Super-Super for cycle 1. Alternative patters may work, but the important point is to get the health bar under halfway before ending this cycle.

Second cycle, once again, freeze the tail like normal. We also need to put an extra Normal into this cycle, but this one is harder. Open this cycle with a Super, then prepare to fire another Super and a Normal quickly thereafter, via rapid-fire missiles. If done right, the second Super will hit, the CS will trigger sending him to the third cycle, but the missile will hit, during the CS, killing him and transitioning to the death CS.

You have a bit over 1s after you fire the super to fire the normal missile (I estimate 1.3s)

Summary: First phase, Super-Normal-Super-Super. Second phase, Super-Super-Normal (Normal via rapid fire missiles).

-Clipped this fight from my PB to upload sooner. Enjoy.

Any objections, Adam?

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Very well done, Habreno, as always. :)

¤ Auto-activates screw attack and space jump...

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