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Is there a need for series mods to Moderate this game? I think (as does the other current runner) feel that only us runners should mod the game. Thoughts?

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The main reason series mods have power is that skull64 made the page and I added all the runs. Neither of us run the game so no, there is no longer a need. However, what is the advantage of removing series mods?

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I guess I see it as those who are the moderators should run the game (or have run the game) at least.

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I agree with DCR. While there is no real advantage to removing mods except for the purpose of cleaning up the page, I believe all mods for a game should be runners of said game.

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Unless there are specific things about runs that requires knowledge of the game, as long as they are keeping the boards clean and keeping runs verified, there's no need to have them removed. You don't have to run the game to moderate a page unless it's a knowledge heavy game.

~ Token

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I'm still going to have to disagree with this. Even if people do know about the runs, they should STILL have run the game or currently run it at least.

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As far as I know none of us have done anything to interfere with your ability to mod this game effectively. If you can come up with a good reason why having us as mods is making a negative impact on the leaderboards, then maybe we'll reconsider.

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Sorry to bring this back up but, I, as well as ImpressivePigeon390, want to discuss the moderator status. Yes, we are aware, that you, the global mods, may not necessarily have been, or are currently, interfering with the boards at all. However, I, as does Pigeon, would like for Pigeon to be a mod of this game. As it stands, I have no power in adding/removing mods for this game.

We have decided that we want the runners who have contributed the most to this game be the moderators. These people would include impressivepigeon390, jaggerg, me, and angelisx. Thanks for taking the time to read this. "Any Objections, Series Moderators?"

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I added pigeon as a mod and DCR as a super mod (which means you can now add/remove mods)

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Thank you, Mobiusman and DCR.

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As a runner of this game, knowing how different this game is compared to most Metroids, I am unsure how I feel about non-runners having moderation powers on these boards, and would personally prefer those who have run or currently run the game to hold such positions. This game is incredibly different from every other Metroid game, is generally viewed as a slight on the franchise as a whole, and is not respected. We, the community, are incredibly far off most other Metroid communities. I feel the moderators should thus be from the Other M community and not from the general Metroid running community.

In effect, I would prefer @Mr_Shasta and @Skull64 to not be moderators of this game in any form. This is not a personal slight, but simply because they have not done a run of this game and are not part of this game's community. This would leave @Dyceron as super, along with @electricyellow and @JaggerG as moderators, which is still a number of moderators sufficient for the game.

DCR, while having not done a run recently, is not inactive and is still part of the community. Jagger has a long history with this game and while having not run in a few years, is still a trusted member of the community. EY is a semi-active runner that is still very active in the community. Perhaps due to their activity and honors I might suggest a bump to super (to avoid issues if DCR would become inactive).

As a final note this is absolutely not a slight against Shasta or Skull. I think they are fine individuals and they haven't (as far as I can tell) caused us problems in the past. But given this game's history, I, as a runner, would prefer the moderators of this game to be runners or ex-runners, as they know the game better than those who have not.

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