5 years ago

As a runner of this game, this has always been a discussed topic. I've agreed with Habreno in past discussions and fellow runners as well that only those running the game and active in the other m community should be moderating the page.

Thanks for your time and for the opportunity to bring this to light.

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My stance is unchanged since my last post in February in the other thread, and that is that current and former runners should be the only ones on the moderation team for this game. The only thing to note (which is still something I've said before) is that I feel electricyellow should be promoted to super, so as to have two supers in case Dyceron would become inactive.

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I agree that I have zero reason to be a mod of this game, so I am resigning effective immediately.

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Just as long as somebody is there to verify my runs.

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Just got in touch with Shasta via Discord and they removed themselves. As only DCR is a super now, would it be possible for one of the two mods to be promoted to super, so as to avoid issues if DCR would be inactive?

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Just my little opinion that probably does not matter as i have yet to ran the game still planing on it though, but Habreno is quite active so why not make him a mod? if he is ok with that of course.

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