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After discovery of the game breaking glitch SRM, every category for Majora's Mask speedrunning was split into "SRM" and "No SRM" respectfully. For category extensions in runs that take a whole 3 minutes to complete, SRM isn't currently applicable to make the run any faster. With that being said, Are runners allowed to do 2 separate runs following the multiple submission rules and (assuming SRM isn't used) upload them to both the "No SRM" and "SRM" categories? Personally I have done quite a few runs 3 times in a row so I can maybe submit to all 3 categories so I would like to first bring attention to it incase it's something we should change.

Along with this I found a speedrun submitted into the "No SRM" category which used to be any% that does in fact use SRM. I'm not "calling out" this run I'm just pointing out a mistake that slipped by, so we can hopefully place this run into its proper "SRM" category. The run is linked here

Lastly if we decide that doing multiple runs and submitting them to the different subcategories should not be allowed, I would recommend doing something similar to what the Minecraft Leaderboard does in their category that does not allow submissions by putting a fake run stating "Not applicable" which is linked here

Thank you for your time and I hope we can come to a conclusion!


Hi, for now I think we're going to accept runs for whatever category you decide to submit to as long as it meets the rules for the category and general submission requirements (i.e. be separate runs of the same route if you want to submit to two different categories).


Thanks for the response! I'll make sure that I only submit unique runs to each category