Reset on NSO
1 year ago

Hey! I'm trying to speedrun Majora's Mask, but there's something that makes me hesitate. After entering Clock Town, the speedrunner is supposed to reset their console, with the Reset button, for example. But I'm playing on NSO and I don't know if I can restart the game at all. It is like an emulator, so using its functions available by pressing the minus button shouldn't be allowed at all, and one of those functions is resetting. To sum up, I'd just like to know if it's possible to press the reset button in NSO, that's all.

Bavaria, Germany

i dont think so but reseting your game safes probably a few seconds i dont really think that it matters if ur not a top 5 runner


Ok, thanks. It's ok if I can't reset, besides I'm not very good at this game, but thanks for your reply.

Florida, USA

using the reset function in the menu is allowed


Ok, thanks!!