Any% Video Tutorial

In-depth and up-to-date video tutorial that covers the Ocean Gossips route, covering glitches, techniques, and backup strategies. (external link)

By FFerraz1FFerraz1


In Bingo races, everybody gets the same randomly generated 5×5 card of objectives. To finish the race, you must complete objectives in a line. Once you get a full row, column, or diagonal, you are done. (external link)

By SpeedRunsLive


A web application that lets people collaboratively work on bingo boards. (external link)

By Saltor6

Exit List

List of all the exits and alternate setups. (external link)


Bingo board variant where the card is hexagonal. (external link)

By TestRunnerTestRunner

Item List

List of all the Items. (external link)

Majora's Mask Category Extensions

Extra categories that wouldn't otherwise be on this Official Leaderboard. (external link)

Majora's Mask Tracker

Keep track of items, masks, equipment, etc. Requires the Java Runtime Environment to be installed. (direct download)

By Jimmie1717Jimmie1717

Scene Tatl

Modified version of Scene Navi for better Majora's Mask support. Lets you view and modify scenes in Majora's Mask. You will need a decompressed ROM. (external link)

By Dzeko, Zelda Gaiden

The Practice ROM

The Majora's Mask Practice ROM. (external link)

By krimtonzkrimtonz

ZC Practice Gecko Codes

Gecko codes for efficient practice. (external link)

By Jimmie1717Jimmie1717


Wii VC Bingo File

A bingo file is used for bingo races. Starts at the beginning of the 2nd Cycle of the game. (direct download)

By Jimmie1717Jimmie1717

Wii VC Race File

A race file is generally used for races or other misc. categories. Starts just after receiving the Deku Mask and Song of healing. (direct download)

By Jimmie1717Jimmie1717


Any% Splits

Blank splits that can be downloaded for use with multiple timer programs. (external link)

Any% Splits (Swamp Route)

Blank splits that can be downloaded for use with multiple timer programs. These splits are for the Swamp Route, which gets the Bottle before the Sonata of Awakening. (external link)