Curious: New Human in First Cycle discovery
2 months ago
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Hi MM Discord,

Though I'm not a MM speedrunner myself, I've been following speedruns of Majora's Mask for over 10 years, back when the fastest run was still over 1-1/2 hours long.

As I'm sure the community is aware, a way to obtain Keaton's Mask in first cycle without SRM or ACE was recently discovered and posted to YouTube by Exodus. I was just curious to see if that's going to impact any categories that ban SRM/ACE, or if it will lead to a faster route in Any% Unrestricted. It would make sense since my understanding is that all you'd have to do is advance the time to day 3, get the mask, and on JPN turn human in Honey and Darling, then perform moon/credits warp.

I would also like to know if the following in first cycle has been tested:

  1. Can the ocarina still be obtained as human, or does Skull Kid only get stunned by Deku bubbles? If yes, how would recalling Song of Time and progressing to 2nd cycle work?

  2. Can you learn oath to order if you complete a temple, or does the game crash since you'd have no ocarina?

  3. Anything else relevant to MM speedrunning that has been tested in first cycle.

I would greatly appreciate any insight from the community on this topic! It's such a great, long awaited find!

United States

You can get the ocarina from skull kid as human, although doing that defeats most of the purpose of becoming human in first cycle, and makes it only end up saving a few seconds compared to just doing first cycle normally. Ideally a way to get ocarina through other means (such as GIM) are found, the main hurdle rn being preforming GIM without access to zora or the hookshot (both not possible to get without the ocarina atm, because you can't heal mikau, or shoot the beehive down without bow/deku). Alternatively, being able to put an item on the ocarina slot in the inventory would allow us to learn song of healing, which would give us access to everything we need to gim ocarina.

Also, learning oath without ocarina should be fine, although actually beating any dungeons without having an ocarina (or way to gim it) in the first place would be pretty hard. You could in theory beat stone tower temple, but it would be really slow and require multiple very long hovers (with blast mask probably), so that probably wouldn't be good for much atm (except maybe max% first cycle). Of course getting blast would also be a problem lol.

As for any% unrestricted, it should in theory be possible to credits warp like this, but the current setup actually uses ocarina to initiate the warp, so a new one would have to be made, and I'm unsure if anyone is working on that atm.

So as of right now, the only category using human in first cycle is Defeat Majora, but hopefully more things are found to let it become part of other categories.

Feel free to join the discord btw for more information!

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New Jersey, USA

Thank you, I was just curious. Lol I forgot you need ocarina to access dungeons.

I see in the current any% that Thunderbolt has to listen to Grandma's story 5 times, then get magic, do the bomber kid setup, then go to Woods of Mystery in 2nd day to warp to Majora. Wouldn't acquiring Keaton's mask require just two Grandma listens, then turn human, then warp to Majora? But I do see that the Goron and Fierce Deity masks accelerate the process substantially, and 3rd day would change the warp setup.

Anyway, I look forward to any more breakthroughs!

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Defeat Majora on the extensions page does basically do that, just turn human and warp to majora, but it does end up being slower than in unrestricted, because human in first cycle (without ace) is only fast on the Japanese version of the game, and I think the moon warp on jp is slower (having to buy bombs, and get to the graveyard, as well as the setup being slower), and the majora fight is slower without fierce deity as well. If a new credits warp setup is found though, that could change (not sure how likely that is atm though).

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New Jersey, USA

Now all we need is a setup that circumvents spin attack and can skip magic