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Category Request/ Suggestions Thread
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Sorry if it was glitchy. I needed to soft shutdown my computer immediately after I finished the run.

I thought of a idea for a speed run game mode in Mario kart wii Its where you try to unlock all characters as fast as you can all shortcuts and ultra shortcuts allowed i wanted to do karts and all bikes to but that would take way to long so only characters

Alaska, USA

@speedman204. that already exists. It's called 100% and it's on the main mkwii page

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Can I use Mario Galaxy to unlock rosalina Kappa

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I don't think you should. For Unlock Rosalina, you need to unlock mirror mode and then get at least 1 star on all mirror cups.

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It’s just a request, but can their be a section for individual tracks.

Connecticut, USA @GKMA_Tube_YT

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a 50 cc speedrun?

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Utah, USA

I've recently been grinding 99999cc (9.0x speed mod + ctgp 200cc) and have what I believe to be the record down to a 53:55. Also on my stream today someone said "no leaderboard for this? sucks, looks like a lotta fun" so I can confidently say there is at least one other person who wants this to be a category.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Mario Kart Wii Blindfolded Is it possible to add Blindfolded Category to Mario Kart Wii Category Extensions? I am practicing to set up a good blindfolded time and would therefore be happy if this category would also be represented on this website. I also think that this category could become quite popular. the perfect rules: -grand prix mode (because VS stops automatically when everyone else is finished) -150ccm -Each cup should be seperated because its realllly difficult to drive 32 tracks at once (but you can add Nitro/Retro and 32 Tracks aswell thats really hardcore then) Thanks for your Work! 🙂 -BlueSnipeD

West Virginia, USA

Co-op category? I would fill it up

200cc two player for me and my brother as we would like to look for more two player speedruns thanks


How about a Mario Cup speedrun? You have to use Mario (any vehicule is allowed) and you play SNES Mario Circuit 3, N64 Mario Raceway, GCN Mario Circuit and Mario Circuit Wii.


I know that there hasn't been many suggestions in a while, but how about a 50cc 32 Tracks Speedrun (No-Skips) and (Skips)? It seems like it would be quite a interesting speedrun...

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