A Few Important Notes
5 years ago
Michigan, USA

Hello everyone! I'm Francesco, and I'll be the main mod over here on this leaderboard. Here are a few important notes about the leaderboards here:

  1. Many variables that appear over on the main MKWii leaderboards will not appear over here, like different item settings and skips/ no skips. This is mostly to simplify the leaderboards given these are all meme categories. Thus, all runs with these variables will be done under the following settings: 150cc, Skips Allowed, Balanced Items.
  2. For all appropriate categories on this leaderboard, we will be using IGT! This will be the main basis in which runs are judged, excluding the categories where it doesn't make any sense. Happy Speedrunning!
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Maybe a no items option to make things more optimized tbh. It's a bit a of luck

Michigan, USA

@Exciton97 I'll add it if enough people want it, but considering they're all such memes I figured RNG is fine.

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is there a chance we could get some kind of modified no skips ruleset for item rain? I'm fine to keep going on the "only gv rockhop/respawn & bc3 cut/ultra" unstated ruleset we're currently playing under, I just feel like as the category gets more players the meta's gonna devolve into hoping god hasn't blocked specific complicated skips (cm & wgm come to mind) or that there's a lucky shroom that lets you do a skip a lap early.

it wouldn't disrupt the category as it is right now, but it would future-proof things a bit. understandable if it's not a high priority tho, item rain is a niche category

Madison, WI, USA

CTGP uses Ultra UnCut (http://wiki.tockdom.com/wiki/Ultra_UnCut) which patches ultra shortcuts, so you shouldn't have to worry about it.

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oh that's very nice to know, thanks for your reponse! ^^