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All Secrets - Category
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Closest thing the game has to a 100% category, I completed a (terrible) run on my youtube channel to see if you all like the idea

Note that while there's 60 single player obtainable secrets, I got 59 because at the beginning of the game there's a secret where you need to shoot a projectile into the moon, and scorpion and sub have too short ranged projectiles to hit it.

If the feedback for the category ends up being positive I should say that there should be a No OOB and an All Secrets since your favorite hat wearer Kung Lao also breaks this category, you can infinite kick everything to get secrets, you can fight ermac early, there's very minimal backtracking, you can skip Scorpion, you don't even have to fight Baraka I think if the objective is to purely get all secrets

Also for co-op runs of this, should we include the co-op exclusive secrets? the only area where you need a late game ability is in the Wu Shi Academy where you need to double jump because there's no enemies to get extra height, and you'd go back to Wu Shi in a No OOB run anyway.

I had fun routing and then getting a run for this, what do y'all think?

Edit: Correction about skipping Baraka: you need to kill him to trigger the cutscene in outworld with kitana and mileena fighting before going to the Wasteland, otherwise it softlocks when you try to kill Mileena in the Living Forest, might as well make it all bosses too so we can finally show Kano some love?

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