Category for every major part of the game
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Category for every major part of the game
Czech Republic

The major benefit of this is the big time save because you wouldnt have to play the entire game and you could just do some 10 minutes long runs

Example (Living Forest) - Timer would start when you jump out of the portal and end when you beat the major boss of the area in this case Reptile or when you jump back into the portal after completing the area

Example (Goros Lair) - Timer would start when you start the game (like with normal run) and end when you jump into the portal on the way to wushi

Cons - If we make it OOB possible basically every area of the game would be dominated by Kung Lao because he is super broken and i dont think its a good idea to make NO OOB and OOB category because that would be way too many categories so people would have to decide on that

Pros - I think it would be good category for new players because its way shorter so people can practice on it and then go play the whole game categories and even fun category for veteran players that might dont have as much time, Next thing it that people would get to play the end game areas way more because you dont have to play the entire game so you can just make a save here and run it whenever you want

Honestly i dont really know what else i should say about it so im interested what do you think about it?

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Ceará, Brazil

I don't think it would work, because the speedruns are currently very inactive, few players sending their speedruns, but if the others agree, I don't disagree