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Add Time Trial Categories

Since the older games don't have a sort of online leaderboard since there was no online play during those times, I feel like having times for individual courses would be a decent way to compare strats and times to other speedrunners. I know there was a post about this months ago, but I think it would just be more convenient to have it all on one site.

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As I said last time this was brought up (, Time Trial leaderboards are on the Players' Page:


But how often is someone gonna go to that site? What if a speedrunner doesn't check the forums? I feel like simplicity should be key here lol.

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Pretty much the whole mksc community is on the Players' Page, with last month having 15 active players. mksc gp speedruns come second to GP and never were the main focus. And if there are people interested in mksc coming from this website, they'll probably be interested enough to go through the resources or the forum.

This isn't a Time Trial category, but rather a High Score category separate from Time Trials. It's Called "Highest Point Lead" aka HPL. I have already posted in on Super and 64 and I will post it here to see who's interested.

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