Splits for the all cup tour
8 years ago

Hello guys,

Ok now it's time to update this thread once again, and I will change mostly of this, I guess. ;-)

So since the trackorder is random in the ACT you can't just use livesplit for every track. That's what this program is for: it let's you set every split for the single races before you split. I think it works pretty stable, but as soon as you find any bugs or have feedback, send me a message somewhere.

And make sure you read the first instruction part of the readme.txt, so you know how to control the program.

I tried making a very short overview video of my program:

Or an direct download link of the program: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8pfe7db6xsb0dvi/AAAgvnoT8w886_9RHf6dKWaca?dl=0

Also I have made a video on how to implement your PB splits in the program:

And I really want you all to give me feedback of what you think of the idea/the program.


Just in case someone already downloaded the V1.0: It wasn't really optimized and the timer got slower when the CPU gets under heavy duty. e.g. When you stream.

So I uploaded V1.1 (same link) and fixed it, also I added the Pace of the Run, which I just forgot to implement.


Interesting, I never thought about the person running on console and how they autosplit. Because on PC, we can make autosplit script for LiveSplit, but it's looking to the memory so the game have to run on your computer but I'll look further on this, it could be useful :D


Haha, I was doing the same thing, but with Excel :p

United States

This certainly beats trying to type the IGT into a spreadsheet in the few seconds you get between races.


Obviously it does.


Nice to see, that you guys seem to enjoy it. And like I said, when you have feedback or things you would want to have. Let me know, I will look into that.


Alright, just wanted to inform you guys that this Splitter made a huge Step forward: It now has a save/load function, Gold Splits are implemented and it got a nice new look (even an option to change it back). Maybe if it was to much work for you to use the old program, now I got it to be nearly as good as a normal splitter.

I hope I could make Splits on All Cup Tour real for someone. :D


Yet again I can introduce a big new function to this splitter: Hotkeys! This enables emulator user to use this splitter as well. Also I tried to make it look smoother and oriented it at the livesplit look.

just check out the thread on the top for the new video & the new look :>

Hi MisterIXI, I have tried to use your program but it is difficult for me to figure out. Can you make those videos public again so I can learn from you. <3


Dang sry I haven't seen this since I'm not actively speedrunning anymore. I think youtube put them on private back when they enforced the "for kids" selector. But this is the old splitter, which was superseeded by the "Bananasplit" one under Resources: https://www.speedrun.com/mkdd/resources

That one should be easier to understand as well.

But I guess I can set the videos back on unlisted in case anyone wants to use this one. But I'd really recommend against that. I don't know how many bugs are still in there :^)

In case you still have questions feel free to add me on discord (or ping me in the MKDD server) since I'll probably miss the forum posts here :x

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