DLC Categories
2 years ago
Washington, USA

Hi everyone, we made this announcement in the MK8 speedrun Discord server as well, but here it is in case you didn't see it or aren't in the server:

  1. We will have cup and 16-track categories for DLC. This means that only cup runs will be added to the main leaderboard with the release of the first wave of DLC. Although 16-track groupings make less structural sense for DLC than for the original 48 tracks, 8-track speedruns would be too similar to cup runs, and having 16-track categories will maintain the good category length balance that many of us enjoy currently. These categories will likely be titled something like "Waves 1/2", etc., but that isn't set yet.

  2. These new categories will not go live immediately; they will be added approximately a week after DLC releases. Once we're closer to that date, we'll choose an exact date/time and let everyone know. This is standard when a new game or DLC is released, and it is meant to prevent the leaderboard and verification team from being swamped with many unoptimized submissions that could be easily beaten again.

  3. Although we will not be adding “Wave 1” speedrun categories to the main leaderboard, we are considering adding 8-track category extensions for this wave to give people a structured leaderboard for all of the current DLC. We would like to know the interest level of the community, so please take a few seconds to vote below if you would run an 8-track category! Please note that if we do add these category extensions, we are still unsure whether they would be permanent or if we would lock or even delete them after Wave 2 of the booster course pass comes out. https://strawpoll.com/polls/w4nWDqkmJgA

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Washington, USA

An update now that we've been through a few waves:

  • No changes to points 1 and 2 in the previous post. "Waves 1+2" has been live since the release of wave 2, and we plan to continue this structure. We'll try to be better about making announcements about new categories here as well as in the community Discord server.
  • As you may have noticed, single-wave category extensions do in fact exist. There is currently no plan to freeze or delete these leaderboards as more DLC waves come out.
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