1 year ago
Baltimore, MD, USA

is sound required for runs? like if i would to submit a run that didnt have sound/audio, would it be declined?

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Rochester, NY, USA

i would assume so, (even tho they just announced that mods can be used to remove music (not replace)), sound is usually used as a method of verifying a run. some runs can be spliced and if some of the sounds don't line up, that's a red flag seen often by moderators

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New South Wales, Australia

Nope - audio is not required

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New South Wales, Australia

@Crimson0verlord it's actually quite hard to splice an MK8DX run thanks to the CPU. You'd have to splice together races where the CPU are the same characters with the same combos, starting in the same position and having the same points... which would be a bit of a nightmare lol

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South Carolina, USA

I have not spliced a run in my life! BTW why are my runs still waiting for verification?

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Washington, USA

Big backlog, sorry. Please be patient with the verifiers

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