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.172 Got Winter dAC & bad dEA. Finished SA @ 22:22. Sick spiral turn too lap 3. Finished MW at 30:04. +4 seconds from goal. Bad dam section. Damn!

DKJ had mistakes & took 2 min 15 seconds to complete or more I think. Squashed by a Thwomp on rRR on the last possible frame. Entire screen covered in Thwomp. Well, the screen was covered in pure whiteness actually due to the glitchy camera angle. I then proceeded to hit the final Thwomp on lap 3 too. Really bad rPPS & a poor rGV.

This was the cut I was looking for! This, like, my 14th attempt in this category alone. That's like 28 hours of solid driving. Nevermind the reboots I've done. I've rebooted a thous& times in the first 8 races lol. I was really hoping it would have been sub. I know if I do another run my 'st&ards' will have changed & it will seem easier to beat this time & stay on pace with it. I was getting very nervous & sweaty. I am now only 2 min off WR which isn't too bad. It's crazy to me how 2 solid minutes are savable at least. It's like Cynda Quil just skipped Big Blue completely. Idek how. Just by hopping at better intervals probably.

I am able to more closely see what a 'perfect' run for my skill/effort level would give me now. However, I was having family issues this day for sure, & depression issues, & not eating properly, lol. Frustrated & unhappy when playing. Maybe a better mindset alone could save off some time xd

This run's stats: Previous PR: 1:57:54 (lasted 2 weeks) Nitro Cups: 40:45 Retro Cups: 39:09* DLC Cups: 38:10

*timed from RR finish to rRR finish

Best splits: Nitro: 40:45 (Was 40:49) Retro: 39m 04s DLC: 37m 07s

48 Tracks (No Items)
1h 57m 24s
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