8 years ago
Massachusetts, USA

Thanks to the new variable system (shown above), there are a few new settings implemented into the leaderboard. I'll address the settings below:

  • Mandatory is checked: You must[/b] select a variable when submitting a run.
  • User Defined is unchecked: You cannot submit a run with custom variables.
  • Values obsolete eachother is unchecked: Submitting a 200cc run will not remove your 150cc run from the leaderboard.
  • 150cc is set as the default variable: This setting is enabled to emphasize 150cc as the main category and better separate 150cc and 200cc runs.

I hope you all like the changes! As always, feel free to reply with your comments and concerns.

Also, thanks for over 100 runs in the 32 Tracks category!

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Variables are no longer in use for the leaderboards, please refer to the forum post "Subcategories"!