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8 years ago

All Cups Itemless ? It would be fun, of course... But it isn't possible. MK7 doesn't have VS mode for Single Player :v

And 100% requires to reset the save, which is impossible... :/

Baltimore, MD, USA

50cc speedruns?


50cc would basically be more a slowwalk than a speedrun Kappa

But Mirror can be interesting :)

Baltimore, MD, USA

All cups itemless is possible if you play time trials. ._.

Louisiana, USA

separating glitch and glitchless would be good idea as well.

North Carolina, USA

A category with All Cups 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror Mode would be interesting.


It would make a pretty good run for a 24 hours marathon XD (But you wouldn't have time to do anything else lol)

What about a All Cups All Characters All Modes (50, 100, 150, mirror) category ? The challenge is to stay alive during the 110 hours run Kappa

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Baltimore, MD, USA

The maximum time you can submit is 100 hours. That might not be enough for all cups all characters all modes.

Baltimore, MD, USA

Must be a new feature.

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Without using items? that means no mushrooms. Having to do shroomless versions of shortcuts would be fascinating.


This would be a separate category, just like the Hoverless runs in Super Mario Sunshine. Of course, there are a few shortcuts/glitches you couldn't take/execute, but that's what would make the category different.

It would be a nice addition to the unofficial leaderabords though, I had completely forgotten about this one.

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