New Leaderboard rules
4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I want to announce several new rules for leaderboard submissions, that will apply on August 15th. They were agreed upon months ago, but while some of them have already been in effect since, they weren't officially announced. Time to fix this.

Let's start with what is probably the biggest change : video proofs. From now on, if you want to submit a run that is under a certain time, you will be asked for video proof for it to be verified and appear on the leaderboards. These time barriers are :

  • 1:23:00 for All Cups
  • 42:00 for Nitro Cups
  • 41:00 for Retro Cups
  • 9:00 for Mushroom Cup
  • 10:00 for Flower Cup
  • 10:00 for Star Cup (Glitchless)
  • 9:30 for Star Cup (with glitches)
  • 10:00 for Special Cup
  • 8:50 for Shell Cup
  • 9:30 for Banana Cup
  • 10:00 for Leaf Cup
  • 9:50 for Lightning Cup. From August 15th on, any run under these times with no video proof will be systematically rejected. Runs that are already verified won't be deleted, of course. We're conscious about the difficulty of recording 3DS footage, so obviously it doesn't have to be a perfect 4K video with screen recorded from a capture card ; anything that allows us to see what's going on on your screen throughout the run will be enough. Recording through NTR is forbidden, though, for inconsistencies in load times. Please note that runs approaching these times with no video will also be treated with particular attention ; All Cups runs under 1:25 will now require splits to be verified, and so will Nitro Cups runs under 43:00 or Retro Cups runs under 42:00. Though track-by-track splits will be prefered, cup-by-cup is enough. And no need to provide anything extraordinary, a screenshot of your timer, a decent enough picture of your timer on your computer screen, or a file will do.

On to the second big rule, one that has already been in effect : every All Cups, Nitro Cups or Retro Cups runs now HAS TO BE SINGLE-SEGMENT. By that, we mean quitting the game between cups is now forbidden due to inconsistencies in load times between different generations of 3DS systems.

Last, not really a rule, just a "small" change on the leaderboards : runners who have 2 PBs for the same category, one with glitches and one glitchless, will now see both of these appear on the leaderboards, so that a new glitched PB will not make a glitchless run disappear, or the other way around.

That's all for today, thanks for your attention.

Good luck everyone !

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