2 years ago
Tuscany, Italy

Hi, i wanted to speedrun this game and i wanted to use livesplit, but it's not working I think "oh well i think is a normal thing, ill check some others speedruneers to see if there is it" the answer? they have and its working fine, can someone tell me how to do that pls? thanks

What do you mean with it doesnt work? Does livesplit crash when you open the game? I dont think that should normally happen lmao.

Tuscany, Italy

No, the timer doesnt work

.... uhh .. What happens when you start the timer and then the game? does the timer freeze ? does it reset? im not sure how the game would alter the timer...but lets assume it is for now.

Tuscany, Italy

When i start a level, the timer remains 0, i checked and i see i cant activate it you even start the timer? it kinda sounds like you expect it to go automatic. you need to start the timer manually, unless the game has an autosplitter avaiable which could split for you so you dont have to do it. This isnt the case for this game

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Tuscany, Italy

Ok then, thank you

and then set the hotkey

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