The defendant has apologized to the whole Internet in China for slandering Hageshizhang for cheating
3 months ago

I will put up the defendant's apology to Hageshizhang on the Chinese Internet. Just take a look at the translation software, which mentions the platform speedrun(Hageshizhang's name is chenshuaige in China

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What I need to tell you is that with Hageshizhang's ability, there is no need to cheat, he can reach 14 minutes or less at ordinary times, his fastest record is 12 minutes and 24 seconds, and the S/L he uses is at the beginning of the game, which has no impact on the game process. moderator would like to clarify things about Hageshizhang if you have time, thank you very much

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From Personal message with you: The races themselves were generally okay, but the rules prohibit using savestates at any time in 3rd generation consoles. There are a couple of exceptions games in which it is allowed, but for them separate categories are made. When I took those runs I didn't have any information that the runner used a savestate at the beginning of the run. But then I was shown it.

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He can show his finger to break seven Haggar's world records in a row, the slowest of which is 40 seconds faster than the previous world record, such is the strength of Hageshizhang. Video link

Now all those players who say he cheated, do you still think he needs to cheat?


@NeGAtiv4k Thanks a lot. I just wanted the other players to see it

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JerryChen,Chenshuaige,hageshizhang,you should know what the face is.

This is your 13m03s movie

Your Gotvg resourse movie is on

There are 4 times use auto-fire in your 13m03s movie, following is CCCC button(auto-fire),we show your movie and Gotvg button to compare your 4 times cheating!


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No one defamation chenshuaige, after we show the auto-fire evidence you also said no use, that meas "famous cheater"! No one believe in you now!

You could only cheat those who not know the game in China, said that you didn't use auto-fire.

Last, you should know, in 2019 you had been a cheater of use montage movie

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