Let's talk about hageshizhang、chenshuaige and JerrChen
3 months ago

First hageshizhang、chenshuaige and JerrChen it's the same person.

The following are all uniformly used to refer to this person as chenshuaige.

In China, everyone knows that this is a cheating player.

He is a player without any strength.

Everyone knows that he used S/L and turbo.

He claimed to be able to hit 12:24 and also cheated.

The reason is that he played on gotvg.

In China, gotvg cannot represent the level of Chinese players because it is filled with a large number of cheating players. Chenshuaige is one of them.

Gotvg will not review game console players and emulator players. And allow the use of turbines, combination buttons, and macros.

Chenshuaige's use of turbo and macros on gotvg has been confirmed, as well as the fact that he intentionally hides parts of the task manager in his videos, which also indicates that he used macros.

And chenshuaige often insults world and Chinese players.

The Bilibili account used by Jerry Chen, with its ID Bili_ 695692301 is formed due to frequent use of abusive names, such as XXX being my grandson (XXX being the name of another player) being reported.

He often insults popular Chinese players because their game videos have a high volume of playback. He claims to be a game god but actually cheats players, and no one watches his videos, resulting in jealousy.

Chenshuaige has admitted in the video introduction that he used S/L.

Using the S/L explicitly prohibited by the general rules and claiming that others defamed him for cheating.

After he was found cheating, he posted this article titled 'Turns out a dog can be an auditor at speedrun', insulting other players and pretending to be a victim.

Chenshuaige claims not to submit on speedrun.But why are there still submissions from chenshuaige on the leaderboard? And it is a submission from individuals who have already been banned.

And if you click on the picture of his own speech, you will also see the fact that he logged into the JerrChen account.

Suggest permanently banning these accounts.

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Chenshuaige claims not to contribute to speedrun, and world players do not deserve to watch his videos.

But why can we still see him submitting articles using chenshuaige and JerrChen accounts?

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'hageshizhang', 'Chenshuaige' and 'JerrChen' all belong to the same user, who goes by the name of ‘陈率歌’ on the bilibili video platform, This guy has been hurling insults at other players and speedrun moderators on Chinese media platforms,Only because he repeatedly submitted the record of cheating was rejected by the moderator.

Referring to the previous NG2 community rules, a player named juzi87 not only was his account permanently banned, but the remaining cheating runs were also deleted.And his other accounts have been permanently banned.

I hope speedrun will stop tolerating unrestricted this kind of cheating,Remove this residual cheating run


as soon as possible and return everyone a fair one.

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hageshizhang、chenshuaige and JerrChen is a cheater always use combination buttons, turbo, and connect video montage.

According to speedrun rules, could the cheater who has cheated 3 times and Full of foul language apply for "record" again? And could be approved is such a kidding

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