Is RPCS3 runs of Metal Gear 2 allowed ?
2 years ago

Hello, I've did some test and the game run at full speed. Unlike MGS3 that is heavy CPU bottleneck leading to huge framerdrops during shagohod chase in gronyj grad and the boss fight.

The emulator run MG2 in 60 FPS (which in reality runs it at his original framerate 16 FPS) I didn't have any framedrops or stutter at all.

I'm just asking if it's allowed i might run it or not i'm not sure. I just test my curiosity.


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I haven't tested it myself but if it behaves the same way as hardware or PCSX2 NTSC, then it should be fine.

Even so, I'd play on PCSX2 so I can play both PAL and NTSC on the same emulator.

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We would need a short sample play to see how it is operates so we can determine what category it should be put.

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Sorry for being late. I haven't done a sample yet but before doing so.

  1. Do i need to pick a specific part in the game. Or do i need to just play for a set time.

If so how much time do you want the sample to be.

  1. Do i need to put FPS/CPU usage from the RPCS3 settings.
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  1. Any part of the game will work fine. A minute would be enough time for the sample.
  2. Showing the FPS would be useful for the sample.
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Like promised here is a 2m 30 clip.

Tell me if that clip is good enough.


So did he past the test. The game run flawlessly.

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Sorry about the late reply. I don't normally deal with the HDC versions and was hoping that one who does would take a look. So I checked and it passed, running at the same as the NTSC.

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