How The Hell Does The IGT Work?
1 month ago
Norfolk, England

I Started Running This Game Last Year (2023)... Got What I Thought For Me Was Decent Time (IGT 57:10/RTA 59:34) On NTSC U PS2 But Never Submitted It (And The PS2 Died Soon After)

Went Back To Grinding For A Better PB This Week On A 90k Jap PS2 And Got a 56:59 IGT.

Here's My Issue... I Had No Deaths All The Way Up Until Madnar Where I Got Crushed By The Roller (I Was Greedy) Which Eventually Cost Me 30 Seconds On My Splits

I Ended Up Finishing The Run +10 Seconds Ahead Of My Old Splits (59:45) But Yet Gained 11 Seconds On IGT (56:59) With A Death (Previous Run Was Deathless I Think)

Any Idea Why?

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Death resets IGT to the last checkpoint

United Kingdom

As Diavolo stated when you die the IGT gets reset back to the last checkpoint it also keeps story flags. We abuse this in Any% and take two intentional deaths one when you first call madnar and the second at the pigeon as the flags stay completed but we revert the IGT to the checkpoints

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