Speedrun: Hard, no reflex mode, stealth no kill...
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Would it be possible to create a category (Hard, no reflex mode, stealth no kill (challenge)) for each mission. The goal would be to finish the mission quickly in hard, without reflex mode, and respecting the conditions of the challenge (stealth, no kill) on a mission.

thank you in advance

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It's too arbitrary to add as an official category, I could make it miscellaneous, you're free to submit a run with those restrictions regardless, you'll just be slower then most of the other times.


Well that's the way I played and I got several world records in this way, I find it unfortunate that there is no ranking of this kind of challenge the conditions being much harder, Which justifies a longer time. ^-^" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHhOeoZ8_kFWMWWJPMoggJqRC3FQ8Wyj9

Be classified after players who have played in easy, reflex mode, kill, alert ... I find it sad. My conditions being much harder and performance also. You remember it was vaguely mentioned a long time ago when I arrived on the site you told me to come to the forums MGS games.

My other topic on TPP for the Attack Score is pretty much for the same thing


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I believe the closest we will get to a score attack leaderboard is No Traces category. When I submit my No Traces runs on TPP then I believe the agreement was we would make that a category. Having multiple submissions could get it up faster. Would you be interested in No Trace speedruns on TPP Azertyxpp?

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Hey all !

I've been trying to run (I wont say speedrun yet) Ground Zeroes in Ghost mode (meaning hard, no reflex, no holdup, no nothing except the trustee magazines for diversion and sightings). Just like a Ghost, you can only barely be seen or make noise using magazines. I could not find this category at all. It makes the game longer (a speedrun would not be as fast as a run with reflex, holdup, ...) but it only uses the stealth mechanisms available in the game and makes it a very thrilling experience for MGSV (get in, get out, no one will ever know someone was there).

Here are a few examples: I am currently running against this video () which is the best time I could find. I was wondering if it could be possible to add a category for such runs (would be great for Missions for TPP too, although I am not there yet ). I found this category for TPP (https://www.speedrun.com/mgsv#NG%2B_All_Missions_Perfect_Stealth_No_Kills) but it is different from a ghost run.

Thanks, SFacts


A ghost that leaves behind a lot of magazines :P There's something comparable in TPP, called "No Traces" which is an actual ingame bonus, and it involves not leaving ANY trace of your presence. This means you cannot use any items or weapons (as they would leave something on the ground, even if it's just a bullet shell). Holdups on the other hand are fine, as long as you don't directly walk into anyone or CQC them. I'm not sure if this bonus exists in GZ, but I feel like it makes more sense to do runs based on those rules.

Regardless though, impressive work, GZ is not an easy game, especially with such limitations

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Thanks for your input @Valyssa0, you're right, Ghosts shouldnt leave mags behind :) I've actually found Ghost runs without mags. I've found a bunch of those "Ghost" runs and gathered them here : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVZQLt7FnM-XJ1oas5Ll_WnthjDJptVQW I think that fastest (real) Ghost run is this one : It's truely impressive and a real challenge, time is 6:32. (Currently, New Game No Reflex using Checkpoints is at 4:59 by OneCoolMan https://www.speedrun.com/mgsvgz/run/yj4422gy)

Maybe there could be a "No Trace" category similar to the one from TPP (definition here https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/718564-metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain/faqs/72900), the two first videos I shared could be in those categories for example, and a "Ghost" category, which would be nothing not even mags like a real ghost this time :P (no hold ups, no mags, only sightings, similar to Covert's video ). What do you think?

Thanks again for time, SFacts

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