Possible new Category?

Hi everyone, AJ here again, i was checking on the already existing categories and noticed which could be an interesting one: All Hostages, Humanoid Gekkos and MIB (Men In Boxes). The rules for the runs could be the following (it may of course be changed and modified if needed):

All Hostages:

  1. You must save the 4 hostages displayed throughput the whole campaign.
  2. (Having a hard time in general to decide when timing starts)
  3. NG and NG+ are allowed

Humanoid Gekkos:

  1. Defeat the 5 Humanoid Gekkos hidden throughout the whole game.
  2. (Mentioned this earlier)
  3. NG and NG+ allowed

MIB (Men In Boxes):

  1. Find and eliminate the five MIB displayed throughout the campaign.
  2. (Up to you to decide when timing starts)
  3. NG and NG+ are allowed.

I'm sorry if this is overwhelming for the mods, im passionated for this game and the speedrunning community in general so any contribuition i could do excites me! If you need help or if there´s anything at all you want me to do please do not hesitage on contacting me! See ya!!

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MIB's and Humanoid Gekkos was already something I did considered, however I totally missed the Hostages D:

Thank you for your suggestion and don't worry to overwhelm anyone. Suggestions are a neat thing especially at the beginning of a board!

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