Spliced speedrun METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE bladewolf (DLC)
1 year ago

Hello. How did it happen that you submitted the spliced speedrun of this game? There are already many videos on the Internet with the analysis of this "world record". For example,

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The run described in the video that you have linked has never been submitted, or approved, for this leaderboard outside of the segmented category.

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I've beaten my own segmented run with a different approach to the game. There are two runs, both verified in their categories.

Segmented: 6:57 (shown at GDQ) Real Time: 6:56 (done live on stream @ 08.07.2022)

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Dude cheated at a charity event. Y’all are crazy for keeping it up.

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Making an src account months late to be mad about an issue you only care about because a youtuber told you to is pretty crazy too imo.

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United Kingdom

imagine defending a guy who faked a speedrun and flexed about it lmao

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The runs Mekarazium submitted to the leaderboard were legitimate in their right place, nobody defended him here.

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