Concerning the rules
7 years ago
United States


Shouldn't any story mode speed run end at the credit roll? If you go beyond the credit roll wouldn't that be considered something beyond story mode, like a 100% run or something?

Missouri, USA

Is it the true credit roll, though? The game itself says in the final image after the first credits "To be continued..." to signify more content. Several games have content beyond a credits roll that triggers another credits roll when completed and is included in the any% timing of the run. Diddy Kong Racing and Pokemon Gold/Silver come to mind. This is no different.

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United States

That makes sense. I hope you can understand my confusion. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.

Ontario, Canada

Well to that I just say, you should read the rules more closely. Story mode ends for real at the end of Peach, not Links.

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United States

You're right, I didn't even read the rules. I just sort of assumed it ended at the first credit roll. Now that I know I can break the record for real. :)

Nebraska, USA

I hope you do. This is a link to my pastebin for the game. You'll find some tips there. Good luck!

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Ontario, Canada

Good luck, it is a tough road to hoe, but no doubt you can make a push.

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