Do you have to get 1st on all tourneys?
6 years ago

Hey Yoshi86UP here.

I have a question concerning about the Singles Tourney Runs, I've been doing runs recently and today I got 2nd place on a tourney. Somehow this lets me move on to the next tourney.

This doesn't happen when you get 2nd or 3rd on the Links Tourney. You don't get the message that unlocks the Mushroom Tourney.

So I'm not sure if placing a trophy (top 3) on the Marion/Palms/Dunes tourney count on the run. I just want to clarify on the rules since I'm quite confused when I got up to a situation I haven't gotten and don't know about.

Thanks guys!

Missouri, USA

From what I recall (and the online walkthroughs are generally silent on this), you can place in the top 3 within the first four tournaments to unlock the next tournament. I believe there's an NPC that says something about that, too. However, you have to win them all to unlock Mushroom. That scenario hasn't happened to me in a long time, but that's what I remember happening.


As far as I know, that's accurate, you need to win all the tourneys to unlock Mushroom.

Missouri, USA

Actually, I just finished a runthrough on a mobile emulator of only winning Links. Unless MyBoy is borked, the game's only checking for a Links win. Then, all you have to do is win Mushroom to get the ending.

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Ontario, Canada

From the research that I have done on the web about this, it seems like you only indeed have to win the Links tournament to unlock the Mushroom tournament.

If that is really the case, the question now would be: What is the cutoff on the Marion, Palms, and Dunes tournaments for finishing 3rd?


Oh, interesting! I had no idea. You can probably afford to be coming in at 0 or even above par for Marion, not sure about the cutoff for the other two. If I have a bit of downtime in the next weeks, I'll try playing with it.

Maryland, USA

hmm, does this mean that we could go for more risky give up strats on the first 3 courses? or would getting second or 3rd affect the xp gained and make the run harder later? cause if this isnt the case and xp isnt affected by the place you get, then i see no reason to not give up more holes.

In addition: What are the new required minimum scores for unlocking the next course? Edit: So it turns out getting a lesser place does hinder xp, and you cant get 3rd on Marion since there is a 4 way tie for second. It seems You have to get +4 for Marion for 2nd, a +1 for second and a +3 for 3rd on palms, and a -2 for 2nd and a +0 for 3rd on Dunes (still iffy on this one)

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