10/6: Moving On + New changes & Item%
3 years ago
New Jersey, USA

Hi everyone,

I was normally going to post this earlier during the summer but I wanted to let you all know that I will be stepping down as the main super moderator for Mega Fun Obby. This experience from my first moderated game has led me to become of me knowing the surroundings of how the procedures work on the website and the steps provided to make the game a better place. Normally, this game has some ups and downs that didn't expect to meet, but it made the players who speedrun this as much as possible for a great experience. Before I'll pass on the torch to someone else, I would let you all know about a few of the changes on this site and the new category called Item%.

  1. New changes now follows that the Game Rules have now been added, along with the 220 IL stage that I added in the past few months. For those curious about the ILS may not be completed for god knows how long, unless if the stages provided to the owner are fully renovated or so.

  2. I've added a new category that will be located in the misc category near Portal% called Item%. This will feature the same stages as you did in your speedruns but include items this time with no skips. This also includes pretty much the same rules as well.

That will be it for all. Please note that I will still be monitoring the sequel of Mega Fun obby 2 located here if you want to check out the link: https://www.speedrun.com/rblx_mfo2

@GaleS_YT - Super Moderator for one final time.

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United States

Thank you for moderating this game, being the only person to verify my runs. I'll miss you moderating here, see you on other games!

New Jersey, USA

Update for mod positions:

@MaxDragonSoul will still continue to be the main moderator for MFO. On top of that, give a warm welcome to @BaconsOwnTheUniverse for becoming a verifier on the team.

Also on MFO 2, @Clippey the world record holder for MFO, will be moderating for me in the sequel as well. Keep in mind that I will be continuing to moderate the sequel until 1000 stages.

I advised all of you to use your powers wisely and do the very best.