3/19/20 | ReClarifying on timing methods for Any%
3 years ago
New Jersey, USA

Hey everyone. I have since decided to reclarify a few rules that all times will now be timed on the frames that each zone is transitioned. This is to note that each Roblox server has different connections of what player(s) that joins the server.

Updated Rules as of 3/19

Timing Rules:

Timing begins at the following procedures when you touch the "Obby Start" door when the first frame transitions. Timing ends when you touch at stage 550, 1000, 1500, or 2000 on the last frame. Your Stage must equal the number of stages in the top right corner for the run to count. The run must be completed in one go, without pauses. General Rules:

You may not use other Robloxians to your advantage (e.g. using their head as a footstool). You may not use the "Skip this Stage" button, nor any of the items available in the shop. No glitches/exploiting. Gamepasses are prohibited. Upload Rules:

All runs must be uploaded on splits I/O (Website Link: https://splits.io/) An outside timer must be used to time your run. In order to verify your run, you may post a video showing your run, and the number of attempts. Screenshots are allowed, as long as you upload your runs to split I/O to prevent cheating. If your streaming on twitch, crop your video(s) down by using the highlight tool, where the 3 dots are located.

If you have any further questions, you can message me or Max Dragonsoul.

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