(Request) Obtain item: Trident%
3 years ago
United Kingdom

The rules are simple but what makes this unique is that the amount of luck needed for this category is insane.


"The amount of luck needed" is the reason it wont be added, it would be the most boring category.

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He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

Hey, trident guy here. If we the people want trident% as a category extention we first need to join our forces as followers of the all mighty Trident, and get some more runs in the category extention extention that comrade Maccysundae sent. Then and only then will the Trident people be able to rise and rule the ocean once again.

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Washington, USA

I have no idea what u just said


What was the seed that you used for that run because I'd be happy to try

Washington, USA

Would be insanely boring to reset for, both rsg and ssg would be boring

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