5 Moth old run not verified

I have a five month pending run on etner edn. It's a resubmission due to missing seed. The first submission was reviewed within a few days, this one is almost half a year old. Is this normal? (no offense)

Bavaria, Germany

No it's not. You can try to contact support by opening a thread in the help section in the discord

I have an 11 month run pending (it is literally 30 seconds long)

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United States

the mods rarely verify runs in the category extensions. It's not unusual around here

São Paulo, Brazil

i have a month old run that its not verified, in category extensions it take very long to verify

United States

yeah doesnt make sense why they dont add new mods smh

Basque Country

is not even about how often they verify runs in general to me, but about the fact that there are actual runs in the ce being verified after 1-2 months, as is visible in the recent runs info, while there are various other runs with multiples months of waiting that for some reason are being completely ignored who knows why

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