A Mod for Mine Chunk
3 years ago

Yes, i know mod is not allowed. But verifier cant really check if a chunk is cleared or not. (The chunk is cleared when a chunk is only consist of air, bedrock, and any block that fully enclosed by bedrock.) In case of this, we can allow/make a tiny mod, that doesn't change any gameplay in minecraft. It only check if a chunk where the player stand are fully cleared. Maybe like the F3+G border is Green instead of yellow. It will help both runner and verifier. Also minimalize cheats.

Any suggestion?

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What makes sodium are allowed is (i think)

  1. Didn't mess with vanilla game
  2. improve performance
  3. The community accepted it.

So if we do the same thing, just for mine a chunk category's sake, maybe it can be.


just provide world file and check the chunk after ur run is done

Bavaria, Germany

quick question what do you guys exactly mean with cleard chunk?


Its a category extension where you have to get rid of an entire chunk except for bedrock

Bavaria, Germany

yea i know that

Bavaria, Germany

ahh do you mean with "to see if the chunk is cleard" when you are finished that then there is nothing left or something else?

Bavaria, Germany

ok then i just misunderstood something but thx


@Yoopicul the verifier will be very busy if they need to check all world file. If its only for WR then its okay.

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