Minecraft Crash the Game Speedrun
3 years ago

I have another suggestion for new category. With this glitch, the concept will be like Obtain Item, maybe interesting for No Structure too. What do you guys think? Feel free to comment below :)

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If I’m not wrong holding F3+C also crashes the game and this category would just be that

New York City, NY, USA

it could be in the rules you cant press f3+ c.

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@cubing_cinematics yeah, i wrote the rule in the video. Also F3+C didn't really crash the game i think, it saves first. So thats why you can't dupe glitch with that


f3+c doesnt crash my game


@tntfalle it needs to be hold for 10 secs

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She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

just alt f4


@100PX alt f4 save & quit the game forcefully, not crashing it

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Hong Kong

task manager?


@ultragamersss i write the rules on the video that you can't use external tools, just pure vanilla minecraft

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United States

how about alt+f4, f3+c, and task manager are banned just hope your computer is trash and will crash easily :)

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2 subcategories: f3 and no f3, similar to normal runs but with an actual category split.

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@Cardboard7777 Did you even read the previous comments? @Etherealxx stated clearly that the rules would not allow F3 C, and ALT F4.

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