Perfect RNG run
South Carolina, USA

I did a Perfect RNG run were I created my own behaviour pack to do the run since I had tried and failed to do the 1 cycle that Kobra did in his wr. I checked all of the loot and I'm 90% sure that my loot was allowed, and yet my run got rejected for impossible loot. What do I do?


If you post the link to the pack in the Discord (if you have Discord) then you can list the changes and they’ll either approve or reject it and tell you why (unless whoever rejected it replies to this thread, in which case it’s irrelevant)

Tyne and Wear, England

you had impossible loot in the ruined portal

5 sets of obsidian (5 sets of 2) 3 enchanted apples (3 sets of 1) 1 sword 1 pickaxe 1 axe 1 flint and steel 1 set of gold bars 1 set of gold blocks

the max you can get is 8 sets of items, and you clearly get more than that.

South Carolina, USA

So I just change the obi to 2 and only and one god apple and I'm good?

Tyne and Wear, England

if you mean 1 set of 2 obsidian, you're good

United States

Can you put the pack here

United States

*the link

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