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Like the title says, this game (and even more the other games of this series) have problems: Missing categories, for example the ILs. This game at least has the tutorial and World 1, but all other worlds are missing. The other games don't even have those ILs. Also new category ideas like All Gold seem to be ignored. I know (from my own experience) adding new categories takes a while, so the solution at the bottom would take work off of @ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8, while still supplying the players interested in new ILs/other new categories with these.
The next problem: Missing timing optimization. This problem grows bigger and bigger, the more optimized levels get. Mainly, it is unclear when the time should start. Starting it pre-first movement adds loading time into the time, making the timing unfair for people with slow phones (that don't lag, because lagboosting, you know). Unifying those timings to first-movement eraticates that problem. But there is another part in this: Because of @ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8 s choice to switch to ms (smart choice), old runs are still on the leaderboards with second-accuracy instead of millisecond-accuracy (which has a problem too, but more on that later). To make the leaderboards fair to people of both sides (down-rounding in s in unfair to ms-runners, up-rounding is unfair to s-runners), the old runs could be retimed for more accuracy. Again, this takes time, but the solution at the bottom takes this extra load off of @ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8 as well.
A problem partially caused by unclear timing start: Retiming. While every runner tries to submit a run with the best accuracy they have, retiming is a necessary step to ensure no runner accidentally mistyped a number or switched two times of runs with each other. Currently, most runs with ms look like this: X.YZ0 (X, Y and Z stand for random one-digit numbers). Seems ok, right? No. The most common recording framerates, 30 and 60, both only produce X.Y00 (and X.Y50 for 60) as times. X.YZ0 mostly appears when using normal timers, for example livesplit while running. These are often a good approximation, but do not reach the accuracy of frame-perfect timing. Even if players (like me) provide frame-perfect timing, they should be double-checked (like every other run, since this game has no IGT and players could accidentally upload the wrong run). I know this takes time (even more in the case of "broken" framerates, which would require downloading the run for "perfect" accuracy [instead, all runs should be rounded to 60 fps times, to allow for ties]), especially if the run is not on youtube. Again, the solution at the bottom helps here.
"Wrong" runs: Runs like the current 1-3 WR, that are simply in the wrong category (that run is a 0-5 run) or do not provide the necessary complete recording, for example because the runner accidentally uploaded the wrong run or chose the wrong category. These runs are the smallest problem of all mentioned, but still exist.
Verifying time: This is a bit more nitpicky, because there are other games for which this is worse, but runs not being verified despite the mod being online, is annoying. Like in all the previous problems, the now following solution will reduce this time while increasing accuracy and taking this work off of @ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8, if he simply has no free time left to verify runs, especially when multiple runs are submitted in a day.

The solution, which is so simple while solving basically all current problems in less than two minutes (for @ClingingTomcat8): Make @TheHSbF6LeoTheHSbF6Leo (me, duh) and @CubzCubz (super)mod for the Lep's World games (Lep's World, Lep's World 2, Lep's World 3, Lep's World Z). Why?
We both play at least one game of the series (pretty) actively.
We both mod multiple games (3 games as a Super Mod in my case, two as a normal mod in @CubzCubz case).
We both are online (nearly) every day and verify runs for our games on the same day if possible (that's what I do, but I believe @CubzCubz does so too).
We have experience retiming runs (for me my 200 runs that I timed myself + runs in games I mod, should be similar for @Cubz).
And the last point: We both are interested in playing ILs for the games (in my case, I already played and uploaded all currently available (on the leaderboard) ILs for this game, and @CubzCubz is playing the other games like LWZ more than I do and wanted to submit ILs, but can't, because there are simply none on the leaderboards.
(Also I'd probably retime most current runs, I've gotten pretty fast with that now)
That's it for this long forum post. Hopefully @ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8 considers that option.
Thanks for reading!

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I agree, you seem to have a lot of time and passion about fixing the leaderboard so I make you a normal mod just for this game at first then will see what happens from there, I don’t have time to be looking at these run and fixing all of the issues life is just way to busy rn, so it would be good to have a extra hand

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