Important change to IL verification/retiming
2 years ago

TL;DR: IL retiming is now focused on contested runs. To mitigate the impact of this change, JDMI has been appointed as a new moderator and IL timing rules have been partially simplified. Due to the currently very high amount of uncontested (meaning the run is the only one in its category) IL run submissions, I have decided for now to at least partially not retime these uncontested IL runs - meaning, if you submit to a previously empty IL category and don't ask me to retime your run, I might not do it. I'll retime the previous run of the category as well if there's competition (please remind me to do so, if I forget). This change was necessary as I now have significantly less free time to use for retiming and retiming runs where their actual time is irrelevant (as they are uncontested) was a massive unnecessary time investment. To track this, I have added the "Verified" variable, which denotes retimed&verified runs from other runs. (I might rename it, though...)

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