Any% tutorial island should have separate categories for Lag boosting
3 years ago
Florida, USA

The single leaderboard for both makes it so those who have Lagboosting (which usually depends on which device you use) have a large advantage. The fastest possible time without lagboosting is ~8 seconds slower. Without using a different device, it’s impossible to compete with them.

North Dakota, USA

What is lagboosting?


@Sonic77852 Leaderboards will be split when there's a requirement (e. g. you make a run that's clearly better than a lagboosting run, yet the latter is a basically unbeatable WR for you). They're not split right now because there's very little runner activity/high level lagboosting runs.

@JDMI It's a very "fun" (read: pretty annoying) quirk this game has with inconsistent framerates - On devices with requent fraerate dips, your framerate will spike above the intended 60 fps, which makes the game run faster than it's supposed to.

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