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Just a quick question on why aren't we creating a leaderboard for people who can't afford to buy the game and/or can only play emulator

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Hello !
To answer your question, we don't put emulator rankings because the loading time is faster compared to the console (disk) version. It is for this reason that emulator is prohibited in speedrun.



Basically what Halfa said. We wouldn't want any confusion of there being two of the same games on the leaderboards, but one for emulator and one for console. That wouldn't seem to fair to the people that bought the game, when they could post their times for on a separate board.

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What about SM64 they have an emu board how is LM any different


Couldn't we make like a category extension for EMU? or something?


We don't want to cause any confusion or drama around a separate category of the same game with version differences. It's been discussed and discussed time and time again, but that's the decision that is made. You can still speedrun the game on EMU if you want to, the times just won't be considered for this leaderboard.

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We're not SM64. Our rules are totally different from their's.

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ok i understand makes sense have a nice day everyone

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It's sad. This is the first game I ever speedran. Yet I had to leave it behind and join other communities where I'm welcome, and there's no run of the game on my profile.

It's not the fact that Emu runs are impossible to be placed on the leaderboard. There are so many ways around it. Retiming, time w/ w/out loads, and setting up Emu as a separate category are often used.

It's not confusing. It's the inability or the unwillingness of a community to adapt and accept. They don't notice that they're isolate out potentially powerful runners and enclosing the community in a circle.

I'm not trying to convince anyone to make any changes. I can only adapt to the environment but not change it. I don't run this game anymore and probably won't ever run it again. I'm just sad to see another runner being shut out of the door like me.

My PB in Any% was 9:22

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Well, I'm sorry to hear this, but this is ultimately what we decided to do. If you don't want to pay to get the disc, then you must not care too much.

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Sounds like you do not know anything about emulators. I'm not surprised, since you hate them so much.
A ROM for an emulator can be downloaded, but usually it is extracted from a genuine disc either on a homebrewed console or a computer via relative tools.
In my case, I used an original LM disc years ago and this tutorial
to rip the ROM from it. Didn't need a console. Just the disc.

I also believe that Dolphin can now run games directly off of original discs via disc drive.

One last thing: When's the last time you or someone tested the load times on Emu vs Console? If it is not anytime within the past 6 months, there's a good chance you're wrong and should go back and test it again.


Emulator's have been banned for this game long before I became a mod. Even if the load times are shorter; the no lag makes it unfair. We're just enforcing the rules.

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Rules are defined by humans, and they can change.
As I said before, it's not the rules, it's the inability to accept and adapt.
I'm done here. I just wanted to point out some facts and hopefully correct your misconception about emulators. Y'all can do whatever you want. I'm not even a part of this community. Well, at least I once tried to be.


Yeah, I don't think we're changing that rule anytime soon. Sorry.


Most leaderboards don't allow for emulators. They each define their own rules on the matter why. We have our rules, others have their own. Theres been so much drama in the past regarding emulators & USB loading that we just do not want to go back to that again. If you were here around that time you would have known, it was long and dragged out for no reason. Like HD said, if you cared enough you would have bought the game & the console, not emulated it.

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its not that we dont care to buy the disc not everyone has the funds to afford it


I'm late to the party, but to run Luigi's Mansion on emulator properly you need a decently powerful and pricey computer. Not something a 100 or 200 dollar machine will run well for sure. On the contrary, a luigi's mansion disc on ebay is 20-30 dollars and the gamecube/wii goes for anywhere from 40-80 dollars depending on what you get with it or not and what deals are out there. Cost is not going to be the determining factor on this.

As for version differences, you can't just cut out load times. Every single run on the leaderboards would need to be adjusted and that just isn't feasible. Beyond that, there is in game lag in rooms such as armory and lydia on console that physically does not exist on an emulated version of the game.

Creating a separate leaderboard would create confusion and isn't a necessity. The equipment is relatively affordable enough where emulator categories are not needed. Like I said, if you can afford a computer that can run the emulator well and buy the controller adapter to play the game on the computer, then you can probably afford the actual equipment needed to have a run verified on the leaderboard.

Finally, no one is stopping you from running the game. You can run the game however you please. But to keep a level playing field, there are rules set in place. I apologize if you do not like the rules, but after many discussions and many years, they will not be changing unless significant evidence was brought up and justified. Run the game if you enjoy it, and have fun. But those are the rules.

Thanks ❤️

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gc i was unaware of prices for the items but what about a capture card and may i point out you can buy xbox controllers to use on emu i dont have an adapter nor do i have an actual gc controller


Dazzle is like 20 bucks as well. If you can't get that, point your phone at the tv screen. Michael did it for just about forever.

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dazzle is 70$ at my local best buy also dont i need my timer to be visible